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About oclaire 

oclaire is a singer-songwriter-Band from Marburg, Germany who has developed over certain musical sages. Dennis played in different Bands for nearly 10 years and co-founded the Post-Hardcoreband Tremaire in 2014 with friends from university. As a side-project he started to write songs on his acoustic guitar which distinguished a lot from Punk Hardcore-Sound of Tremaire. 

After some small „gigs“ at private flat partys and open stages the little project became more than just a side-project over the time. In spring 2017 Dennis officially called oclaire into beeing and started to record the first songs single-handedly. To get the best out of the songs for the first album, Tremaire guitar player Benni joined oclaire in August 2017 and helps out with background-vocals, guitar and trumpet whenever he can. Together or solo oclaire is able to create a unique atmosphere wich lets the audience feel the joy, the enthusiasm, the positive mind set as well as the love and passion for music wich is the foundation of oclaire

Symptomatic for the music are especially the catchy melodies with partly ruminant character, wich are combined with punchy and explosive guitars. If you listen close you can surely notice rock/punk background, especially live on stage. 

Next to the sound it is the personal lyrics that take hold of the listener and let her_him lose herself_himself in the songs. Positive and negative experiences, every day situations as well as fear und hope are the main topics which are assimilated in the music. Partly melancholic, partly happy oclaire gives the room to let your thoughts wander and to lose yourself in music. 

The influences are a wide variety. Espacially to mention are City and Colour, Bears’den and Ben Howard. But also elements of Punk-Hardcore bands like Alexisonfire, Against Me! or Worthwile played their part in the development. 

On October 14th 2017 the first album „Way Home“ was released and oclaire played the first official live Show. 

Since 2018 oclaire is part of the DIY Label „OhLee-Music“ wich is based in Porto and London. Just as oclaire itself OhLee is carried by the DIY spirit and a positive mind-setting in life. All in all OhLee is nothing but a network between musicians from Portugal, Belgium, Germany and Great Britain to exchange experiences and to support each other cross-border far away from booking agencies and big commercial labels. 

Thanks to this DIY spirit oclaire will play round about 40 Shows in Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, France and the UK in the first year. 

Music is not about big profits and money. It‘s all about self-development, enjoying life with all the highs and lows and going on big adventures while travelling


We are oclaire



Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting



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